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Official Trailer “The Fight Within”

Logan Chandler, a young MMA fighter seeks to overcome a troubled past and build a new life based on a new faith and a new found love, but is forced back into the fighting world by Hayden Dressler, a local MMA professional.



Logan Chandler (John Major Davis) has been trained by his father (Dan Severn) since an early age to uphold the family’s heritage that is based in the MMA world of professional sports. It is an identity that he begins to question as he enters the professional ranks and which will eventually lead to his father’s death. Logan is trapped in an identity that is slowly destroying him with seemly no way to escape. At what seems to be the lowest point in his life, he meets Emma Johnson (Lelia Symington) who is grounded in her relationship with God. Emma sets out to help Logan understand the love of God and the new identity he can have through a personal relationship with Christ. Just as Logan begins to understand that God has a plan for everyone’s life, Hayden (Matt Leddo), a talented but unstable local professional fighter learns that he can earn a substantial paycheck if he can force Logan back into the fighting arena. Hayden’s tactics and uncontrolled actions eventually lead to a confrontation that is inspirational to any person seeking to understand who they can be through their identity in Christ.

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