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Deraj ft. Kassey Levels – Way Up

Jonathan Matamoros April 28, 2017 Music No Comments on Deraj ft. Kassey Levels – Way Up

When people and situations strive to keep us down, we stay focused on the things above no matter what. We won’t settle for low standards when God made us greater. Since we were made for more, then with everything we do we aim do it Way Up.


Heard me on the track, you played it back in stereo
Now that’s your favorite song, they play it on the radio,
I stay working like that, You hear me, you don’t feel me though
And when I level up, I feel like super Mario,
Yeah I’m on my way up, Save that, save that all for later,
You want me good, I’m gone’ be greater,
Yea you say you’re on your way up,
Way up, way up…

Verse 1:
This that sky-dive flow, This that cannonball off the high dive flow,
This that no court-side, High-rise,
This that space jam, stretch armstrong, giving high fives,
Oh god, that’s so way up, How they ever gone’ fade us?
Oh god, We so way up, too low, you gotta aim up,
Oh god, bro we stay up, no sleep, with the bass up,
If it’s too lit, you can blame us, If it’s too quick, let me change up
Oh yah, I’m just following my conscious, yea you know we keep it honest,
Whole squad at the concert, Everybody throwing hands up,
everybody feeling nauseous, woo
Way way across the continent, Way up with the martians,
Way up is the standard, I don’t think they understand us,
Even sway ain’t got the answers,


Verse 2:
I ain’t messing with the nonsense, God all up in my conscious,
Speed dial cellular, we be talking on the regular,
It ain’t even no competitors, yeah homie you can bet it up,
OG with the veterans, I got the logo on the letterman,
We got the medicine, all you gotta do is let it in,
He just came to fill you way up, what you hearing is the evidence,
Everything else is irrelevant, crossed eyed for the settlement,
No lie when we telling it, No lie when we telling it
We about to get the party jumpin, ain’t a problem
Promise you we onto something,
We just give the people what they wanting,
when the is bass hitting, call it ear drumming,
Straight up, we got no gimmicks, hang time way over regulation
Way up, we got no limits, no chill, no time for hesitation,
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