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Christafari – Backslider (Official Music Video)

“I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely: for mine anger is turned away from him.” (Hosea 14:4)

This is the Official Music Video for “Backslider” from Christafari’s “Hearts of Fire” CD.

This urban parable is by far the most engaging, thought provoking, cinematic and cutting edge (some would say controversial) short film that we’ve released yet – and this is just the beginning. It’s gritty, honest and deals with real life situations, so parental discretion is advised.

Over a million people watch our YouTube videos each month, so we see this as one of our largest platforms for relaying gospel truths to the world. Please pray that many are impacted by the crucial message of repentance within and that many prodigal sons and daughters return home.

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WORDS: M. Mohr
MUSIC: M, Mohr, J. Nalimu & A. Blackman

How do you give your life to Jah (Jehovah)
And know that it’s eternal
But now you want (to) turn your back
And run to the inferno?
How could you give your life to Christ
And say it is forever
But now you want (to) sell Him out
For 30 pieces of silver?

Don’t drift away
Come back to Him
Don’t drift away
Turn away from sin

Backslider – come back now (Jer 3:22)
Backslider – step back to Jah (Jehovah)

Well don’t you know that the Lord
Is full of Godly sorrow?
‘Cause you don’t wanna turn your back
Upon Sodom and Gomorrah
And so you come to the Lord
Ask forgiveness and repent
But now you wanna be allured
By the cunning of the Serpent

Don’t drift away
Come back to Him
Don’t slip away
Turn away from sin–ooyeah!

You sing on Palm Sunday
“Hosanna in the highest!”
But when it comes Friday you shout “Crucify Him!”
You never see/say that you’re slipping away
Come back apostate
Yes come back to your faith
Me see you on Sunday
You’re dressed up in your finest
But every other weekday
You’re always getting high yes
You never think/say that you’re slipping away
Come back apostate
Yes come back to your faith
Come back–repent! (Jer 14:7)

You say you wanna serve your God
Yet you call ‘pon Bathsheba
It seems you have forgot
Like spiritual amnesia
Christ’s in a deep pursuit
Because you have fallen away
Well don’t you know He left the 99
To find the one that’s gone astray–That’s you!

Don’t slip away
Turn back to Him
Don’t drift away
No, turn away from sin–eeyeah eeyeah!

When people ask you
“How ya doing?”
You say you’re “Doing great!”
But you’re being fake
It’s a front, you’re a fraud
This is a facade
And it’s not pleasing to God
And there’s one word
That’s just not popular today: Repent
That means to turn the other way
The opposite direction of your sins
You may be fooling others
And you think you’re fooling God
But there’s only one person
That you’re really fooling…

Directors: Luis Juarez and Mark Mohr
Director of Photography: Luis Juarez
Writer: Mark Mohr
Editor: Luis Juarez
Producer: Mark Mohr For Rank & File Films
Assistant Director: Matthew “M@atch” Ray


Backslider: Leighton B. Allen
Morning After Girl: Kharissa Edmond
Pastor: Paul Montano
Church Congregation: Crossroads Church, Long Beach, CA
Worship Band: Crossroads Worship Team
Cokehead: M@tch
Tough Guy: Eddie Buraye
Passed Out Girl: Michelle Oliveira
Vomit guy: Dexter Panlinlio
Dread: Israel ‘Izzy’ Dejene
Hood rat: Jacquie Livity
Gas Mask Guzzler: Solomon Jabby
Skater/Partier: Casey Sharp
Table Top Dancer: Sarah Tuibeo
Edge OG: Edge OG Donald Dewar

© Lion of Zion Entertainment 2017. All rights reserved.

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