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Cameron James – “Born To Bring The Light”

Cameron James is a pop artist and songwriter currently based in Nashville, TN. Her sound can be best described as a fusion of swirly synths, cinematic melodies, and lush vocals. Her music can be heard in a variety of formats. Her song “One Step Ahead” has been placed in Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules” and her most recent release “All Out War” was used by ABC in promos that ran for 5 weeks for the show “Quantico.” She was also featured in a coveted spot on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, racking up hundreds of thousands of streams. Her recent collaborations involve writing with talented artists and writers from across the musical spectrum including Ruelle, Danny Gokey, Matt Bronleewe (Plumb), Joe Williams (Lauren Daigle), Josh Silverberg (Jordan Feliz, Jesus Culture) and Sam Tinnesz (Wave & Rome). She recently signed with DREAM Label Group in Los Angeles with a radio single slated to be released this fall.



When asked to describe herself and her music, Cameron responds, “Like most people I’m a complex person made up of contradictions, extremes, and tons of things in between. I’m a woman with an interest in facilitating connection with things tangible and intangible. I make music that simmers with pop melodies and is dredged with the purpose of changing your mood. It is my goal to encourage you with songs that breathe heavy with layers. Layers of life and heaven. The themes of my art stand solid in the truth of “it’s not over, have hope, fight back. My songs brim with belief and this recent collection of songs is so much more then personal sentiment. It’s a battle cry stemming from my very real life and I hope you hear it resonating from every note I sing.”

When asked about how she feels about what’s ahead she said, “I guess I’m still feeling incredibly grateful for the life I”m living right now. Grateful I get to craft music for myself and others. Grateful for the people I have the honor of collaborating with. I’m grateful I have a family to love and grateful that each day I wake up is another chance to dream bigger and to fight harder. I’m already blessed and it’s all still unfolding.”

It’s going to be an exciting ride and with the release of her upcoming single, she feels like it’s all just beginning…


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